Wednesday evenings

6.30 - 9.00pm

18 January - 8 March 2023



Orientation session, Wednesday 11 January


An online retreat, Sunday 26 February, 11am-5pm


All times are UK timezone


Cost: £250

Early bird rate until 1 January: £200

Reduced rates are available if your income is low. Please be in touch to find out more. No one will be turned away because of their financial circumstances.





Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is the mindfulness course with the strongest evidence base. It was originally developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn in the 1970s, and has since been taught worldwide. Research studies have repeatedly found its positive effects on stress, depression and anxiety. Over 100 randomised controlled trials have been conducted on MBSR.


The course comprises eight 2-hour online sessions and a half-day (3-hour) online retreat. Sessions are a combination of guided practices, group dialogue, explanations and a variety of informal supporting exercises.

The primary aim of the course is to introduce you to mindfulness and to techniques for cultivating it.


This is achieved through an exploration of:


  • a collection of formal and informal practices: these use the sensations of the body and the breath to develop the faculty of present moment awareness, which is at the heart of mindfulness

  • the physiology of our experience: the focus here is on how emotions, particularly stress, manifest bodily, and how awareness can support more skilful responses in challenging moments

  • habits of thinking: bringing attention to these patterns opens up the choices we have about how we relate to them

  • communication: we are invited to extend the development of mindfulness to our habits of communication and relationship

  • self-care: the development of mindful awareness includes awareness of what we need, what supports us, and when we can offer that to ourselves


  • An electronic copy of the course workbook

  • Online access to guided meditations, to support practice in between sessions

  • The course teacher is available to respond to questions in between sessions


  • No prior experience is necessary

  • You will not be required to participate in any element of the course you feel uncomfortable with, including dialogue. Silence is always an option.

  • This course will be conducted via video conferencing. Practical details will be sent out once you have registered.

  • Each week, suggestions will be made for "home practice" - what you might do between one session and the next to consolidate and deepen your learning. The suggestion will be for 30-45 minutes of practice each day. It may well not always be possible, and that is ok. You will not be questioned or held accountable for the amount of practice that you are able to do. However, it is important to be aware that the benefits of the course are likely to be more available if you practise mindfulness in between sessions.


You will need a computer or tablet (and a webcam/microphone if your computer does not include one).


To register your interest, please complete the details below:

Thank you. I'll be in touch shortly.

Previous participants have said:

I recently took part in Zac's 8 week summer course and could not recommend it enough. Zac is an excellent facilitator, knowledgeable and passionate about the practice of mindfulness, and created a safe and encouraging space to discuss our ongoing exploration. The community element of the course was especially enriching and gave us all the support and drive to practice in between sessions. Being present is something I have always found challenging as it's easy to get lost in one's own thoughts and anxieties; I now feel more prepared with tools and habits to manage stress a little more effectively each day.

I highly recommend this course to learn how to reduce stress in your life. I've learned to better deal with pressure, intrusive thoughts and to live with less fear and anxiety.

This course taught me how to be mindful in a way that works for me. Zac guides you through the course and techniques in a calm and understanding manner, he teaches rather than tells, allowing you to feel at ease and make the most of every second by exploring your own thoughts in your own time with no judgement. It's been a journey that I've hugely enjoyed and look forward to continuing.

All of us on the course said the same thing, that Zac has such a calming inspiring manner and embodies mindfulness and kindness. This course has helped me manage anxiety and panic attacks which are now less frequent and less overwhelming.

Zac and his MBSR course are just brilliant. Suitable for various levels, deeply insightful and so much to take away from the course. In 8 weeks I'm already getting much more out of my practices.

This is one of best courses I have participated in, particularly as I struggle with work-related stress and anxiety. Dedicating time to the course session each week and complementing this with mindful techniques throughout the week I noticed an immediate impact to my well-being. I was intially apprehensive of sharing my experiences with a 'group of strangers', however, Zac creates a warm, supportive and inclusive environment - speaking with the group each week quickly became one of my favourite parts of the session. Zac's style of teaching is a delight, he is open, accepting and warm creating an extremely inclusive environment. He answers every comment or question with thought, and really aims to understand how each of his students are feeling. This is truly appreciated.