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I offer a variety of mindfulness-based sessions in the workplace. Research and experience suggest that lasting benefits come from repeated practice, rather than stand-alone sessions. As such my primary recommendation in the first instance is an introductory course, with resources provided for practice in between.


These sessions are a combination of short explanations, mindfulness practices, and discussions about those practices. The intention throughout is to introduce and make available a certain form of awareness, which allows difficult moments to be more bearable, pleasant moments to be savoured, and all moments to be met with care and attention.

It is up to the individual how to utilise such awareness; what is gained is more freedom, to choose one's course in a given situation.


A variety of formal and informal practices are offered to support the cultivation of this awareness. 


Mindfulness was brilliant...we all looked forward to that one hour each week.

Shelby Bradley, Head of People and Values, Social Investment Business


of mindfulness in the workplace


A recent study concluded that mindful leadership reduced employee exhaustion and increased employee work–life balance. It was positively related to employee performance, engagement, and job satisfaction.


A recent review suggests that mindfulness training could improve decision-making, including the recognition of ethical challenges, as well as reducing our tendency to rely too heavily on familiar patterns (confirmation bias).


At least 45 workplace mindfulness research studies, across a range of sectors, have linked mindfulness to improved relationships and resilience at work.


Mental ill health was the reason for more than half of the total sick days in a recent year. Mindfulness training has repeatedly been found to reduce stress, anger, rumination, and physiological symptoms, while improving positive outlook, empathy, self-compassion and overall quality of life.


Recent research into problem solving has concluded that there is a direct relation between mindfulness and creativity.

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